Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From Russia With Love (1963)

Jamaican born Martine Beswick (born 26.08.1941) and former Miss Israel Aliza Gur (born 1942) made history with their catfight in 1963 James Bond classic "From Russia With Love". Their characters were named Vida (Gur) and Zora (Beswick).

Martine Beswick later recalled (interview from 1984): "It was serious work,. "We did three weeks of rehearsal...and then we did a week of shooting on the back lot." "Aliza Gur was a cow. We had terrible clashes and I was disgusted with her. I had a lot of anger inside me, so that scene was the perfect way to work it out...when we shot it, Gur was really fighting. Everyone encouraged me to fight back,
so I did. We got into a "real scrapping match".

You might say neither wanted to lose that fight and since they didn't like each other much, all the action was real.

Here are three pics from the fight. First shows both girls (Gur in red top, Beswick in green) ripping each other's hair.

Great pic where Aliza Gur traps Martine Beswick underneath and tries to gough her eyes out.

Beswick chokes Gur as intensity rises...

Gur pays back the favour and chokes Beswick

Well, as we all know, the fight ends prematurely when Aliza Gur is just about to smash a bottle over Martine Beswick's head therefore effectively winning the fight and seriously injuring the Jamaican brunette. It would be interesting to see that actually happening, but you can't have everything, do you? At least Beswick left the set without any scarfs.

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